Wednesday, February 10, 2016

United States will have a Supreme Cybersecurity Chief

The President of the United States has presented his National Cybersecurity Plan which provides, among other things, the figure of a Federal Cybersecurity Chief. We'll talk about that, and about some stories not to sleep well from the other side: Tries to but Apple employees, manipulation of  foreign currencies with malware and a Portugueses group which has extort big companies.

"Is not a secret that too often the technological infrastructures of the government are like an Atari game in a Xbox world" wrote a few days ago Barack Obama on the Wall Street Journal. The great theft, last year, of the data of millions of functionaries has made a great impact in the Obama administration, which before he leaves presents a plan to improve cybersecurity not only the government but the whole country, with semminars for the population who want  to be part of  akind of cybernetic reserve and the promotion of the biometric authentication or the double factor. It will cost 19 thousand millions dollars.

20.000 for a password

Meanwhile, outside things are still pretty ugly. We discovered today that for Apple employees is usual to receive offers of large amounts of money in exchange of their access credentials to the company network. "I would sell my access ID for 20.000 dollars tomorrow", ensures an anonymous employee to "Business Insider".

Manipulation of foreign currencies

Yesterday we talked about the increasingly sophistication of the bank robberies and today we have an another example: the Metel group would have entered in a Russian bank, Energobank, infecting their systems and having access to their system of foreign currencies purchase-sell, what would allow them to manipulate the exchange of Dollar/Ruble. A big deal.

The Poseidon group

We finish talking about another criminal group, discovered by Kaspersky Lab: the Poseidon Group, the first portuguese speaking group discovered, it would dedicate to assault large companies and stealing their information for blackmailing them, demanding that they hire them as a security firm in exchange of not selling the information to the competition. We haven't met until now an APT with that objective.

Certainly the Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit 2016 which is taking place in Tenerife this weekend and  we know there are attending the best Spanish cybersecurity experts, is giving us a lot of information.


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