Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The struggle between Apple and the USA government is intensifying

Today the North American company Apple has risen to the Valhalla of the most legendary cybernetic citizenship heroes after publicly refusing to obey the order of a judge which forced to design a backdoor for iPhone. We'll expand this information as well as a serious hole discovered in Linux, a picture which shows an incoming robbery mode and an interesting report about the algorithms which decide who should die by drone fire.

The letter written by Tim Cook  to their clients explaining his version of the case runs at the speed of light: a judge would have asked to design a new iPhone operating system which avoids the automatic format of the device after ten tries introducing a wrong password. With this measure they would help the FBI to crack by brute force the iPhone of a murderer. Apple refuses to do it, saying that the FBI wouldn't use this tool only for this case, but it will become their key to open many more iPhones. The struggle between Apple, and by association the biggest technological companies, and the USA government for the encryption in their devices lasts for months, even years. This is another episode, a dramatic one.

Critical failure on glibc

We continue with the second great new of the day: the Spaniard Fermín J. Serna, who was interviewed a few months ago in our Sunday supplement interview section and who is the leader of a Google security team, is the co-discoverer of an important hole in the GNU C (glibc) library, an essential part of the majority of locations of this operating system. The critical failure allows the attackers to take the control of any Linux computer, as thousands of apps and other devices which use this library. With the announcement of the discovery comes the appropriate patch.

Stealing with NFC

We move forward to talk about a picture seen in the social networks, concretely on Twitter, which we show you as the main picture of our daily post and which shows on action one of the most often used robberies in the future according to our predictions, if the things don't change: the subject has a smartphone with Point of Sale (POS) software. He only has get close to the rest of users of the subway, until he finds a person with a credit card with NFC technology.Then, from his own phone he could charge an amount under 20 or 30€, amount that which does not require the authorization of the owner.

Fatal algorithm

We finish recommending a text to read calmly: how the SKYNET program of the NSA could have killed thousands of innocent people, using an inappropriate algorithm. This algorithm would be who says to the drones who should them kill and, according to the experts of the report, it would be "completely bullshit" and a hole of fake affirmatives which would have caused thousands of wrong deads.


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