Friday, February 5, 2016

The risks of cybersecurity in a new technological era

The evolution of technology is unstoppable and desirable in almost every area... but it has risks too. The present approach to the quantum computation makes some experts fear about the  future of encryption which are being applied in communications nowadays. 

Even present technologies present vulnerabilities not contemplated in their design and they seem difficult to solve. All this in an increasingly sensitive in the cybersecurity importance environment, and with the knowledge and past experience of the weapon potential which offer the intelligence technologies.

The quantum computation puts in danger the present encryption

The NSA released a few hours ago a paper where they try to detail the associated risk to the future (and expected) incoming of the quantum computation, concerning to the communication privacy and security. The present encryption, based generally in problems that a machine solved in so much time, pale in front of this new generation of computers much more efficient in the solution of some mathematical problems are are considered unsolvable today.

MongoDB exposes data without being logged

Chema Alonso published a few hours ago an article to warn that some databases based in MongoDB, a common technology, are exposing critical information without being authenticated in the system, only making the specific consulting on Shodan. If you have something related to MongoDB, check the configuration.

The 2015 cybersecurity highlights

Technologies still to come and technologies which are now with us. Incibe has reordered its publications in a new format which allows to navigate through the most important cybersecurity highlights of 2015. A reminder of all we have passed through, and what we'll live in the next years...

SIGINT on the Bosnian War

In fact, it's really interesting reading the story published by the Security Ark Work guys about the use of SIGINT technologies on the Bosnian War. This happened on 1995, with weak encrypted communications, without the presence of the present mobile technologies, and without the experience in the exploitation of these techniques in military actions performing.

Times change, and with no doubt they will offer a lot of opportunities to all of us. But the risks are still present, been inherited from the past, or appearing with the technological evolution itself.


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