Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The cyberattacks against banks are increasingly sofisticated

Today we celebrate two things: the safe Internet day and the Kaspersky Lab Congress on Tenerife, where it being reported cases like the increase of bank thefts through the technique of enter remotely in them and get the money via ATM. We'll talk about that and we'll keep talking about banks because the Russian police has arrested the band behind the bank Troyan number one.

Kaspersky Lab warned some time ago of APT Carbanak, which through spear-phishing and malware entered in different banks, and, after a few time spying their modus operandi, started to get out large amounts of money via ATMs, where the mules were waiting. Now, according to Kaspersky, the Carbanak bunch are back and new bunches are released using similar techniques, like the Metel bunch.

Arrested by Dyre

We keep talking about banks because now we know that in November the Russian police arrested some member of the criminal group behind the most active bank Trojan: Dyre. The research still open yet and some leaders would have fallen. Dyre is consider the responsible of a fourth part of all the financial cybercrime of 2015, which represents tens of stolen millions.

Filtration on FBI

Talking about robberies, a supposed hacker has made public data of 20.000 FBI workers and 9.000 of the Security department government of USA employees. After the scandal, reported today in the majority of the media, "The Register" doubts of the "hack" because the filtrated data aren't secret and it could be founded in any list and, in the Security Department case, were outdated. We'll see what happen with this because the supposed hacker ensure he has more information.

Day of the Safe Internet 

And after all these insecurities... we finish remember that today is the Safe Internet day, utopian concept by now or a good reason to pray to our saints. It has opened a Facebook group and an account on Internet to celebrate the day and different organisms related to cybersecurity are spreading videos and other activities of awareness and prevention.

We wish to our readers a good Safe Internet day.


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