Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Humans are the best hacker tool

The title isn't a joke: it's said by a research and also the observation of the increasing cyberattacks using social engineering or the art of cheating not to computers but humans. We'll show it, as well as another study from Kaspersky Lab, about the smartphone malwave evolution on 2015. We'll talk about how a collective demand against Asus for bad security has been solved and a hack: introducing orders in a machine through the owner's wireless mouse and keypad.

According to the "Human Factor 2016" study, the social engineering is the hacker's number one technique to cheat the humans who could give them sensitive information or access to a computer. Although this isn't new and the social engineering is an ancient hacker´s culture technique, the interesting thing is in the analysis, with graphics about what is the best hour to sent a phishing and others.

Mobile Malware

We continue with another related study because the majority of the virus introduce themselves on the computers and smartphones "thanks" to the human intervention. The study explains the smartphone malware evolution on 2015. The highlight of the study is the quick ransomware increase, but also the bigger malvertising aggression and the increasingly number and sophistication of banking trojans .

Asus condemned

We talk now about one of the news of the day, together with the discovery of attacks to critical infrastructures on Japan or the evolution of the Apple vs. FBI story. On February 2014, thousands Asus routers were assaulted and their owners received an anonymous message warning them of their devices insecurity. From this happening and after an agreement with the Federal Trade Commision, Asus will submit to an independent audit for the next 20 years. Warning to seafarers.

Hacking wireless mouses

We reach the end with an interview to a hack in "Wired" magazine: a researcher has proved it's possible to take control of wireless keypads and mouses of any label, although they confirm their communications are encrypted. It is possible to send orders from 100 meters using amplified aerials. Doing that, the devices on hacker hands could write what they want in the victim's computers. Interesting.

We wish our readers a good day and, if they are in the Mobile World Congress, they enjoy it last hours.


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