Monday, February 22, 2016

How to hack an operating system in a stylish way

This weekend the cybersecurity community has been witness of an interesting hack against 
nothing less than the possibly most used Linux distribution on personal computers: Linux Mint. We'll expand it, as well the last information about the serious bug in the glibc library, also in Linux, a vulnerability on AirDroid and how the "WarGames" movie influenced in the Reagan's policy. 

The official version says the hackers assaulted the website, made in WordPress, where Linux Mint offers its operating system. They used Apache to redirect the people who wanted to download it to a server with a manipulated ISO. Also, they stole the database of the Linux Mint forum and put it on sale in the black market. This happened on Saturday, so it only would affect the people who had downloaded Linux Mint the past Saturday.

Kaminsky about glibc

We are still talking about the last weekend because the one considered "one of the vulnerabilities of the year", on the glibc library of all Linux flavours, which affects to the name resolutions. It has been emphasized by DNS Dan Kaminsky, who considers it much worst that we think. Kaminsky recommends to patch as soon as possible.

Bug on AirDroid

We are moving on another vulnerability warned a few days ago: AirDroid has been located, an Android app which allows to connect the smartphone to the computer to manage SMS, phone calls, notifications, WhatsApp, Facebook... 50 millions Android users have installed this app. The failure, patched already, allows to contact with malicious code through a vCard so an attacker can take the control of your smartphone.

WarGames, the movie

We drive to the end with a treasured movie, "WarGames", and a story that we didn't know: Reagan saw the movie and he alerted  about the cybersecurity systems of the USA government. You can expand this information on "The New York Times".

That was our Monday daily sum whose center is the Mobile World Congress celebrated on Barcelona and we´ll have new in the next days for sure.


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