Friday, February 12, 2016

Confirmed: Windows 10 spies you even if you don't want

Neither changing the privacy settings of Windows 10 and setting them in the most paranoid extreme is possible to achieve that Windows 10 doesn't take their clients data, according a recent report we'll talk about. We'll also talk about a hacker group who assault routers to securize them, a serious vulnerability on SAP and the second edition of the excellent compilation "Know your enemies".

According to the study, It's impossible to avoid Windows spying their clients, nor disabling the telemetry, neither using external programs. Windows 10 makes 5.500 connections against 93 different IP directions, the half of them belonging to Microsoft. in only 8 hours To make the matter worse, connections aren't safe, what would allow to an intruder intercept this data. The read of the article is worth it.

White Hackers

We would never had awareness about the previous new and many others without the help of vigilant hackers who research and, in some moments, act. It's the case of  White Team, a group of anonymous hackers who assaulted 10.000 routers to install a malware which securized them few months ago. Now they're back: they have accessed to 70.000 routers and they plan reach 200.000.

One million to recover

Despite of the existence of these Robin Hoods, we can't lower the guard because an attack can be very dangerous. That's what a report of the NTT Com Security says, fixing the average cost in 907.053 dollars. We are surprised because 65% of the respondents, business managers, are sure that their organizations will suffer a data robbery in the future.

Know your enemies

We finish recovering an old habit of this house: the final test to read calmly at the end of the day or at the lunch time. Today we recommend the recently published guide "Know your enemies 2.0", a compilation of the active groups behind the main cyberattacks, from governments to hacktivists, ordered by countries.

The American Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology is the responsible of the edition of "Know your enemies". We should get used to this kind of organizations, focused in SCADA, will be the main characters of all the related with the cybersecurity.


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