Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Careful with this Android malware: it is bad tempered

It can erase all the saved content of your smartphone, spy and send SMS, make phone calls, change your setting and even enter in Tor. It's the last and most sophisticated malware which is infecting Android smartphones and we'll explain how to prevent the infection. We'll talk about another active menace for Magento stores owners, as well as about a couple of issues to read calmly: the increasingly technological patents of the banks and a research about where are the authors of the mythical hack against Sony.

The malware is called Mazar BOT and although it is on sale in the black market since few months ago, we hadn't seen it in action until now. It enters in your smartphone with an SMS or MMS asking to the victim to download an app to read the message. The app doesn't exist, because it is the virus, which will take control of the smartphone and it can eliminate the content, install a proxy to spy the traffic or make attacks of man-in-the-middle and download an app to use Tor and automate their communications. How to protect yourself? Don't click on SMS or MMS links and ban the download of third party apps.

Trap on Magento

We keep talking about cheating because there's another active which objective is the Magento e-commerce platform. In this case, the malware pretends to be a patch to solve a security hole in Magento which, although was solved a year ago, not everybody have closed it. The malware steals the credentials and credit cards saved in the platform and the data on a .jpg file. How to protect yourself? Patch Magento right now, downloading the patch from the official site.

Bank patents

Now is time to talk about banks, great actors in the cybersecurity world, because in the last three years the patents presented and approved by banks have increased a 36% regarding to the previous period, being 1.192 patents. Why a sector so traditionally reticent to patents has joined to this world? According to the article of "Bloomberg Business", we can find the explanation in the great interest of the companies of Silicon Valley on patents. Come and read.

Who attacked Sony?

We finish with the tale of a detailed research made by the Spanish researcher Jaime Blasco and the Ecuadorian Juan Andrés Guerrero-Sade. The objective of their research were the hackers behind the mythical attack to the Sony company. Are they still active? According to the researchers, they would have detected present patterns in the attack against Sony which would locate them in the attacks against South Korea. Does it confirm that the attack came from North Korea? They don't want to enter in this aspect because they affirm their work isn't the attribution but, well, we can read between lines.

This is our daily sum. We hope it was so enjoyable as interesting to our readers.


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