Thursday, February 25, 2016

A hacker can decide if you're live or dead in the hospital

Different pentestings have been made in hospitals in the last times and it has driven us crazy, but today´s pentesting is for championship. We'll expand this information, as well a Google initiative to help DDoS attacks victims, the Tor users complaints because they can't enter in some websites, and cybersecurity companies which joint an operation to track Sony hackers.

To this day it would be possible for someone to remotely manipulate a patient's monitor in a hospital and show vital signs which are not real. The attack would work also in other hospital devices like med dispensers. It was proved by an Independent Security Evaluators company team. Their research joins to the others which are being made and have proved, among other things, that it could manipulate even a magnetic resonance device.

Project Shield

We leave the Internet of Things world to dive on the website, where news sites, specially alternative or opposed to dictatorial regime news, are suffering constant DDoS attacks. Google has started a new project to help this sites to resist this DDoS attacks freely

They don't want Tor

We talk now about a complaint made a few days with impact in the social networks: Tor users are disappointed with some websites which denied the access or don't offer all their services to Tor browser users. Among them Google, Yahoo, Craiglist and Yelp. A study has just been published detailing this discrimination.

Sony hackers

We drive to the end with another research, made by several cybersecurity companies called Blockbuster operation and it consisted in join efforts to track the supposed Sony hackers on 2014. They are called "Lazarus Group" and its field of activity is worldwide, with the use of different malicious codes to attack financial institutions, critical infrastructures, media and governments. The Lazarus Groups would be active since 2009.


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