Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A cybercriminal earns less than 30.000 per year according to a report

A survey of the famous Ponemon Institute destroys the myth which says that the cybercriminals earn a lot of money. We'll talk about this and also the activity in the court concerning to a king of the virtual money laundering and the first cyberterrorist judged in Unite States. We'll finish with something for the hackers: unexpected scan of IPv6 address.

The Ponemon report gives some interesting data, like that the average profit of a cyberattacker doesn't exceed the 30.000 dollars per year. Also, the 72% of respondents ensure that they don't spent their time in attacks that don't report them valuable information in a short period of time, preferring the easy targets. Thus, the 60% of the cyberattacks don't require more than 40 hours. Interesting data that our readers can extend in this article.

Cyber money laundering

Talking about cybercriminals, today we know that one of the biggest cybercriminals has been judged: Arthur Budovsky, of 42 years old, creator of the Libery Reserve, a virtual bank system founded on 2006 dedicated to launder black money. Libery Reserve had 5 million accounts and in all this years "launder" a 250 million dollars. Budovsky has been judged guilty and he face a penalty that can reach the 20 years on prison.

They judge ISIS collaborators

We don't leave the court because it has landed "Th3Dir3ctorY" on Virginia, the Kosovan Adrit Ferizi, of 20 years old. According to the indictment, Ferizi have would passed data of 100.000 people, among them more than 1.000 functionaries of the government and the army of Unite States to members of the Islamic State, and the face to more than 35 years in prison. This is the first case of supposed cyberterrorism that have been tried to the courts.

Spying IPv6

We finish with a warning to seafarers: network administrators have discovered a smart way to scan the layer IPv6, considered until now as a privacy paragon. How? With the NTP time protocol, which allows collect a large amounts of IPv6 addresses that in other way would keep in the dark. With this scan is possible discover monitoring cameras - as Shodan did-, outdated servers and other vulnerabilities.

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