Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2.000 asistants to the Mobile Congress connected to a malicious wifi

As we predicted yesterday, the first security news of  Mobile World Congress start to appear. The first one is an experiment made in the airport, where 2.000 people connected to 3 malicious wifi networks. We'll expand this info as well how the hacker of Linux Mint acted, the malware for Android code released and the unstoppable advance of the banking trojans.

The experiment was made in the the Mobile World Congress register zone in Barcelona airport. The wifi points were called as "MWC Free WiFi". In only 4 hours 2.000 people "fell" and the researchers could see their navigation details like their visits to websites: the 62% googled something or saw their Gmail accounts, 15% accessed to Yahoo!, 2% listened music on Spotify and 1% connected to a dating app.

The Linux Mint hacker

Meanwhile,  ZDNet got the scoop of the week: interviewing the hacker, or one of them, who entered in the Linux Mint website, stole its user database and redirected to whom wanted to download the operating system to another website with trojans. According to the hacker, February 20th wasn't his first access to the website. He had made it two days before and also at the end of January. It seems Linux Mint had several holes.

Mobile malware codes released

Android is another system full of holes. Or better said, it´s tricky app world. To complicate the situation a little bit more, in the underground it has just been released the source code of a banking trojan for Android. It's called Game Changer Bot and it's not a big deal, but if its source code is accessible it wouldn't be unusual to see a wave of new trojans with similar characteristics.

A banking trojans' research

And we finish our daily post talking about banking trojans because a Dell research ensures they are expanding their acting field: the botnets are not only focused in the banks to embrace others territories where there is money, like cloud services providers, technology or mobile apps stores, e-commerce and others.

By the way there's an alert on Russia because different Russian banks employees have been attacked with trojans!


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