Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why did Twitter fall yesterday?

 If we ask Twitter users if they remember yesterday in the morning the service was fallen globally, possibly they'll have to make an effort to remember that, like this cut down in their "timelime" belonged to a past quickly forgotten, after the tweets and retweets renewals boom. We'll talk about that and about the cybernetic bank account robots, and about a failure in Android devices affected by the 0day on Linux.

According to Twitter, yesterday´s fall was global and it was caused by the upload of a defective software. From Scandinavia to Saudi Arabia, passing by South Africa, India or Russia, thousand users suffered the "shut down" on web and mobile phones. The failure started in the north of Europe at 08:20 GMT and from there it extended to all the network. Six hours later, at 14.20 GMT, it was considered solved but at 18.00 GMT some users still had problems. Twitter shares fell a 7% and #Twitterdown was the Trending Topic of the day.

Dridex survive

Today the bank cybernetic thieves are news too: the Dridex malware, the third of the most spreaded bank Trojan ranking, has survived to the great raid of the last October and it's back with new features, among them the possibility of redirecting their victims to fake webs. Its objective, according to experts, going against the clients of the biggest accounts of different banks in Great Britain.

Objective: SMEs

Symantec warns of a bank theft too, concretely about a campaign to infiltrate in the financial departments of SME in Great Britain, Unite States and India to steal them great amounts of their accounts. According to Symantec, the campaign started in 2015 on India and in the last months their activity has intensified in the other countries. The modus operandi is the same as ever, they send emails to employees of this companies, to infect their computers with remote control Trojans like DarkComet or Nancrat.

They were less

We finish today with a clarification of the Android security leader team, Adrian Ludwig: "We think that the number of Android devices affected by the Linux 0day is significantly less that the number reported initially". So, they wouldn't be affected the 66% of the Android devices but less, being off Nexus, the devices with Android 5.0 or superior, SELinux and Android 4.4 or lower. The bad news: Google won't publish a patch for vulnerable Android until March 1.

To God what is God's and to Android what is Android's. This was our honest daily sum.


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