Thursday, January 28, 2016

VirusTotal takes seriously virus that attack the BIOS

Less than a year ago we started to talk about a new kind of undetectable virus because they hide in computer's BIOS. VirusTotal has added a service to detect them. We'll talk today about the virus attack against Israel which we talked yesterday and the preparation for the RSA Conference, one of the most important events of the year for the global cybersecurity community.

The VirusTotal Google service has added a new tool to its arsenal which analyze the low profile code, the firmware. There, where the antivirus don't reach, can be hidden the malicious code which survives to formats. Today, this kind of virus are used by advanced attackers, like NSA and other intelligence agencies, but this doesn't prevent them of being more and more detected.

Ransomware on Israel

We continue with another kind of virus, much more implemented than the others. We're talking about ransomware. After a SANS Institute research, it seems the recent attack against the Israeli power plants we highlighted yesterday wouldn't be so important as the Minister of Energy of this country said . Actually, the attack was to an Electric Authority office and it was a ransomware that entered via phising. SANS says: "Move along, there is nothing to see here".

RSA Conference

We finish today with the preparation of one of the World main events of  cybersecurity: the RSA Conference, which will take place at San Francisco (Unite States), from February 29 to March 4. The conference will have Spanish representation, among them Tomás Herranz Medina, CEO of Security Design and Development of BBVA digital bank, who will talk about "Security recipes for the new digital era".

It will also assist Iñigo Merchán, from Security product and Javier Losa, from Engineering of Security Product, both from the BBVA. They'll talk about "The security as a service in a financial institution: Reality or Chimera?", a conference in which they will explain their security philosophy as a service and how it manifests in a platform called Chimera.

We wish a great success to speakers and also they will have fun on San Francisco. We'll see the news about this event.


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