Thursday, January 7, 2016

Two powerful agents join into the backdoors discussion

The USA Cryptowars continues while the Dutch government has finished it, with good news to the defenders of the strong protection of our data. And while the castling of the topic goes on in the Empire, a famous criptographer offers a polemic solution. We'll talk about it, and about the attack suffered by the cloud provider Linode and the security problems in Drupal.

The Dutch government starts the year talking about the Cryptowarsdeclaring they're against the introduction of backdoors in the computer systems and in favour of a strong encryption to protect data and the communication of people and machines. And if someone doubts of their intentions, they give a subvention grant of 500.000 € to OpenSSL project. Here it is.


David Chaum, considered one of the fathers of the electronic anonymity, joins in the discussion offering a new product, PrivaTegrity. It's an encryption scheme which protects the communications in a very safe way, even more than Tor or I2P according to Chaum, and also allows the introduction of backdoors which wouldn't be controlled by governments but by an experts committee. The idea, published by "Wired", is polemic and we'll see if it ends good.

Linode under attack

Meanwhile, in our daily cybercrime, the cloud provider Linode, has started the day in the worst way: under an attack of Distributed Denial of Service which continues and it is used by criminals as a screen to open holes that allow entering in the Linode systems and steal all they can. They get something when the provider warns they has reset the client's password for an unauthorized access the 5th of January..

Don't trust in Drupal

We finish with Drupal, the platform to create blogs and webs used by millions of websites, that not always apply the security patches with the appropriate diligence. But this time isn't Drupal´s fault, but the program, according to IOActive: Drupal 7 and 8 make us believe they are updated when they aren't. It seems in Drupal 6 appears a little window to warn the user when the update had problems, but in the later versions it's disappeared.

It's a shame the magical characters who appears in the Winter Holidays hasn't brought us more cybersecurity, but they will have had a lot of work giving peace to the world. We'll have to keep working in it by ourselves. Ho Ho Ho.


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