Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New year's purpose: being more serious on cybersecurity

Today we wake up with the new of another possible and spectacular corporate hacking case: the PSN (Playstation Network) servers of SONY were shut down to million players who tried to enjoy their subscription... and if they can beat the Asian giant and a consultancy firm has announced that half of the United Kingdom bank entities have vulnerable SSL certifications, we  are sure you'll benefit of the advices we share today to start this year reinforcing the security of your computers, as the responsible of Android does with their last update.

If recently we insisted in the need of transparency and collaboration to fight against cybercrime, today we talk about an example of the opposite, because the Playstation Network (PSN) servers are inaccessible to their subscribers and SONY insists it´s caused by a routine of maintenance, despite it seems an intentional attack, probably a DDoS, like the Phantom Squad mennaced they were going to do this Christmas.

Half of British banks are in risk

According to the last report of the consulting firm Xiphos Research, half of the Britain bank and their foreign subsidiary use weak SSL certifications, that would allow the access of non-authorized agents to their customers information, using well documented attacks like PODDLE or CRIME, for example.

How to strengthen the security of your systems

If the responsible of our data has weak points, we become again the last defense line of our information and that's why we must pay attention to the advices published in the famous digital media Hipertextual to fit our systems and make them safer to fight against the challenges of the new year.

Android repairs five critical security failures

Precisely the most popular operating system for mobile devices contributes to the cause, with a new security update that, among other things, fixed 12 vulnerabilities present in the previous version. Five of them are critical and all the people who don't use a Google Nexus, will have wait to our manufacturers decide to implement it.

Our daily sum is balanced, with new dangers on the network, but also methods and tools to fight back and our readers can keep enjoying with relative tranquillity.


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