Friday, January 15, 2016

Mom, a man speaks to me in my room

Day by day we have more insecurities about the Internet of the Things: a bell which can guess our wifi password, a thermometer which ensures it needs access to our photos... Of all, it put us goose bumps a story about a Washington family, whose "baby monitor" was hacked. We´ll tell how a big trouble at SSH, a hack which doubles gasoline discount coupons of and a reflexion text about the Bitcoin revolution.

Jan and Sarah´s son, 3 years old, told his parents that a man spoke him some nights, at his bedroom. They ignored him, but a day, worried, his mother went to his bedroom and heard a voice that was saying: "Wake up little boy, daddy is looking for you". The scare was very big: someone was talking with the child using the "baby monitor", which was hacked.

Bug at SSH

Another story not to sleep is what are living SSH connexions users. It was discover an important vulnerability, and it is being distributed a patch, which affects SSH customers and allows attackers that are in a server to stole all SSH passwords form people who access immediately, and other data from their computers.

Free coupons for gasoline

While, at Kiwicon of New Zealand, two hackers had demonstrated how it is possible to create free gasoline coupons which never expires, valid for the principal country provider.  In addition to developing a solution to create bar codes which can be used whenever you want, they created an Android App, a bar code printer and also t-shirts. The hack has solution, but the company will have to write the algorithm again.

Bye bye, Bitcoin

We finish with a text to read calmly at weekend:"The Bitcoin resolution experiment", wrote by Mike Hearn, a known Bitcoin developer. Hearn explains he leaves the project because, at his opinion, it arrives at a point of no return, totally controlled by China and a net whose capacity is "exhausted". Worthwhile to look around.

And we finish the week hoping the next week will be very interesting,  as always. We summon our readers to visit us on Sunday because we will interview Jesús Rodríguez, VozTelecom owner and visual face at FreeBSD movement in Spain. 


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