Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Maximun danger: no more security on Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10

Today, Tuesday 12th of January 2016 , is the day to finish the maintenance of the Internet Explorer´s versions 8, 9 and 10 and the popular browser won't have new patches for their security holes. We'll talk about that, and the discovery of serious failures in the TrendMicro antivirus, the information of the North American police about their citizens and the 10 main "influencers" about bank cybersecurity.

Only in 2015 231 security holes have been discovered on Internet Explorer, and fixed efficiently by Microsoft patches. But, now the company leaves behind the security support for 8, 9 and 10 versions, nobody will fix the future holes that will be discovered. This means a fatal risk for all big organizations which haven't updated to the last version of Internet Explorer or, directly and more cleverly, have abandoned the browser.

 Bugs on TrendMicro

Where we find increasingly more holes is in the antivirus. Today the affected has been TrendMicro: a Project Zero researcher of Google discovered critical failures that forced to TrendMicro to an emergency update, because they allowed the execution of malicious code and the exposition of saved passwords by the antivirus. We remind a few months ago we interviewed to Joxean Koret, who has written an interesting book about antivirus insecurities.

How threatening are you?

Today we were surprised by an article in "The Washington Post" too, where they showed how much "observed" are the citizens by the North American Police. They ensure if you call to 911 to denounce an aggression, they look first in a program the potential of violence of the denounced, from the past complaints, properties, commercial data bases, searches in the Deep Web and their activity in the social networks. With this information, police calculate the menace level, which it becomes in a colour code, where the red is the highest menace.

Influencers in bank cybersecurity

We finish with another ranking, less sinister: the 10 bank cybersecurity experts considered the worldwide most important influencers of this topic. We hope the criterion of the creators of this ranking matches with the criterion of our readers and, if it doesn't match, we'll appreciate you tell us, proposing us your own influencers, to share and enjoy with everybody all this information and making a safer and better world.


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