Monday, January 11, 2016

How to steal millons from cash machines with a trojan

Romanian government assures that they have arrested 8 Romanian citizens who stole millions of euros from cash machines through the so called “Jackpotting atacks”. This is the first operation in Europe and we will amplify it. Also, it will be place to talk about an attack with blackmail included to a breathalyzer company, one epic error by FORBES magazine and a research from CNN about attacks to corporations which are hidden to community.

The arrested  Romanian criminals used the trojan Tyupkin for their felonies: they installed it into the machines that they wanted to assault and they gave the orders by the keyword, making the machine giving all the money that it had inside. Their detention has been achieved in a joint operation with the Romanian police and the Europol which started on 2014, when a financial institution requested it, when Kaspersky Lab identified it the first time, the trojan had already attacked more than 50 cash machines in East Europe.

Hack this breathalyzer 

From arrested criminals we go to another which want to be like them…for twice. We´re talking about ROR[RG], the forum presenter on the Darkweb Hell, which just reopened again after the arrest of the leaders. ROR [RG] assures they have assaulted “LifeSafer”, leader company of breathlyzers, systems, installed 70000 vehicles in the United States ready for not to go if the driver gives positive in  an alcohol test. ROR[RG] asks for money to the company in return on not publishing the drivers names.

Blessed adblockers

While in FORBES magazine don´t need criminals neither blackmails. They alone are more than enough, wit an epic fail difficult to overcome.Tired of programs which blocked advertisements that give them to live, the magazine tried a new strategist: forcing their readers to disable adblockers if they want to read an article. And here comes the epic fail: the advertisement which FORBES gave to their readers had malware included!

SCADA fined

We end with a research by CNN about the severe cyberattacks hidden by the big USA corporations. Some of them were accounted by authorities, which fine the responsible companies, but nothing of this reaches the mass media, explains CNN; as the attack to an energy company which had its access points to the energy net absolutely unprotected and was fined with 425.000 dollars. And another one, which had 66% of their devices running obsolete software: it was fined with
70.000 USD.

In the light of the issue here in Europe, only fining the companies we will be satisfied, with no need of  public scorn. We wish a good week start to our readers. 


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