Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Attack to Israeli critical infrastructures

A virus would have damaged and paralyzed the computing systems of the Electric Authority of  Israel, according to the minister of energy of this country. We'll talk about this, and about the robbery of 70 million euros to a Belgian bank, a new and sad World record of DDoS and the presentation of the CCI Cybersecurity guide.

The attack, qualified as "critical" by the authorities, was detected last Monday, when a cold snap on Israel caused a large electric consumption. It's one of the biggest cyberattacks suffered by Israel, according the Ministry of energy, who hasn't given so much details, except that the incident forced to stop various computers, but there wasn't consequences for the population in shape of blackouts. The past month, Ukraine suffered a similar attack and 80.000 people had an electric outage which lasted for 6 hours.

CEO fraud

We go from Israel to Belgium, where the Crelan bank has been victim of the "CEO fraud": the criminal pretend to be a high position and sends an email to someone of the financial department to order a payment. The robbery, 70 million euros worth, was discovered during an audit. Recently, the system provider of FACC airlines announce they has suffered the robbery of 50 million dollars with the same trick.

DDoS record

Today is a day of great and faithful cybersecurity news, so we are going to complete it with a new world record: a DDoS attack of terrifying 500 Gbps power, according to the Arbor Networks annual report. We don't know the victims of the attack, which it still under analysis. Until now the record was for the attack against Spamhaus, with 300 Gbps. The DDoS grow up and are focused on extortion, according to the report.

Cybersecurity for business

We finish with something that happened this morning: the presentation of the Cybersecurity guide for Business of the International Chamber of Commerce. A guide focused to educate to SMEs about the importance of the security in their digital activity.

We wish this book will be the bedsite book of all these companies, and we will avoid a lot of  problems!


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