Monday, January 25, 2016

A virus left a Melbourne hospital inoperative

A Melbourne hospital which was still using Windows XP despite lots of advices by computer security experts. And what had to happen, happened. We will tell it, and also the launching of private images recorded by unsafe webcams browser, about the not so safe encryption at Apple and a back door in Amazon and other services: it´s  customer service team.

There's not many information about it, but it seems that a virus would have infected seriously Royal Melbourne Hospital's computer systems, such extremes that jobs like blood, foil weave and urine processing,  must be done manually. The last official release said the infection was controlled and pathology and pharmacy programmes are working correctly. In any case, we advise other hospitals and critical systems whose managers, possibly and sadly, aren't reading us.

I see your Webcam

We can say the same about lots of devices connected to Internet which shape the so called "Internet of Things". The Shodan browser, which allows to localize this devices, has created a special section only with unsafe webcams connected to Internet, so, it is possible to see what are they looking to, We are especially afraid of webcams which look out children, without their parents knowing that everyone can see them.

Don't save backups at iCloud

We can put ours hand above the head, but let's remember that professional manufacturers of computer products not always have the best security. An example: even if Apple has made the "unseasonable" encryption at his products its flag, contacts, photos, SMS backups and other millions of users stored at iCloud, without no encryption or encryption controlled by Apple and not by the user.

Attacker service

We finish with a text to read and also to think about: the story of how Amazon´s customer service gave a customer information to an attacker. For the attacker it was so simply as using public data in Whois. Amazon thought the impersonation and gave, among others, the last credit cards numbers. This isn't the first time we see how the customer service is very unsafe: youngers who are "owning" e-mail accounts of American intelligence leaders also attack customers services with social engineering.

We take this opportunity to wish a good and safe week beginning to our readers.


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