Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A hospital "loses" thousand of radiographs due a computer error.

A hospital in Avila, has lost lots of radiographs, ultrasounds , mammograms, resonances and they do not know how many of them have they lost by a failure at their old computer systems. We talk today about this, also about a Virus at Ukrainian airport, a bank Trojan and a young group of hackers which is coughing out to top management positions of the United States.

The use of an old computer system, the obsolete material and the rescission of the contract with the company which was carrying the maintenance are the possible causes of the "evaporation" of thousands of radiographs, ultrasounds, mammograms and resonances performed at the Healthcare Complex in Avila. The tries to recover the lost material have been in vain, while thousands of people were waiting their results from the tests they´ll probably have to repeat.

Virus at the airport

The security of medical devices is, precisely, one of the World themes. United States has started trying to solve it, with the  publication of guides for manufacturers. In Spain it goes slower than in United States. But the computer insecurity not only arrived to hospitals, but to airports too, like Urania's, which woke up with a dangerous virus at its computer systems.


Hospitals, airports and banks of course, are the principal objective for the cyber organized crime. The F-Secure company gives us an interesting analysis of Timba, one of the most used bank trojans used nowadays to steal money from people's bank accounts. Timba occupies only 20KB and a new variant has just been discovered attacking Asia´s banks.

Crackas With Attitude 

We finish with a story which is ridiculing to intelligence elites from the United States: few months ago, youngers assaulted using social engineering the America Online e-mail account from the CIA´s director. Then they went against the FBI principal and they got access to intern documents form the organization. Also, last week, they assaulted the e-mail and telephone of the National Intelligence director of the United States. And now they claim that they did the same with the White House's science and technology adviser, redirecting his calls to the Palestinian Liberation Movement.

It is curious how a few youngers can do all this things to so prominent people. Something that it's only possible in these new times...


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