Wednesday, January 20, 2016

66% of Android users, in danger cause a Linux 0day

This morning all  Linux systems administrators knew that exists a critical vulnerability at the kernel of the most famous free system...present since 2012. We will talk about its range, also about a Linux Trojan, a data robbery study and a recommendation: the bests free antivirus for Windows.

The 0day discovered at Linux kernel, allows access to the system with administrator privileges and affects to millions of computers. But computers aren't the problem,  because a patch will appear soon, and administrators and users will install it with more or less celerity. The problem are the systems which carry Linux inlaid, and especially the 66% of Android phones, which are affected and their security updates depend on what foot had woke up the manufacturer that day.

Spying for Linux

We don´t leave Linux, because the malware population grows up for this new OS with a new Trojan, Linux Ekoms.1, able to take photos over 30 seconds, and send them to the bad boys,  it also records conversations. Few days ago, it was discovered also a new malware for Apple devices, which, like Linux, are losing the legend of being invulnerable to virus.

Unprotected employees

No matter what we think, lots of spy Trojans were not be created to attack the simply mortals.It exists a type of users who are the target attacks every time . We are talking about the employees. A study says much of companies and organizations between 100 and 2.000 employees, did not encrypt the banking information, and in general, neither humans recourses data. The companies prioritize customers protection, and forget their employees, which are the weaker link for many attacks.

Antivirus for Windows

We finish with a valuable information for Windows 10 users: ¿whicht are bests antivirus, and free too? According this ranking, Avast Antivirus is still unbeatable year by year, followed by AVG and Avira. Come on, install and see.

That far we reached with our daily summary in which, as always, it cost us a lot looking for interesting information as the world of infosec is generating.


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