Monday, December 14, 2015

Yin-yang of cybersecurity

One thing is "who watches the bad guys" and another thing is "who the good ones are watching". It is not the first time, nor the last, that we ponder these questions. But today is one of those days that both issues may be posed. And be aware: if someone performs bad behaviour, another one with more skills would take advantage of this, and the first one will pay for both. That is, bad guys can mislead good ones by thinking that the bad guys are others. What's more: if they can do it, they will do it.

Twitter warns: there are cybercriminals spying on users, cybercriminals from... Government services, such as the US Government, and who knows if some other government. They want to get all of you: your phone number, your e-mail, your messages. Everything. Twitter has the evidence that is so, but is unable to confirm or deny whether the "agents" have achieved such purposes. Twitter has noticed affected users, and for all we know, you can find "sweet" profiles as journalists and security experts.
Of course, if "good" guys are scary, do not ask us to tell you about the bad ones. It's not science fiction at all the possibility of shut off a national grid, but voices like Pierluigi Paganini ensure that terrorists probably have in mind objectives like that. We are talking about leaving in the dark an entire population, and not without light, but also without electricity, with the undoubted cost in human lives, and countless costs in material resources. Chaos. Beside this, a governmental cybercriminal going into our Twitter account seems a joke.

Have you ever been tempted to take information from a job that you are leaving, or being fired? Well, besides being illegal, and illegitimate, be aware that you can get into trouble. Imagine the sequence: you take out that information, you open in your "secure" device and... Whoosh!! Someone grab your data, goes to dark markets, and leaves the trail for you to be precisely the main source. Does it scare you? Well, imagine how scared is the principal defendant in the gap of information at Morgan Stanley, just trying to prove that.

And let's give a little joy to the always uphill Monday: we end this post today singing a happy birthday to Flu Project. Five years on the ball as Spanish provider of information in this field. That is, each one in its own way, cousins of this Research Centre on its informative mission. Five years. Or what is the same, 1,581 posts, of which 231 are weekly "Reports" as this one where they tell us they are celebrating their bithday.

A Chinese proverb says that "who raises a tiger cub will be hurt by it". In the yin and yang of cybersecurity there are so many tangled wire that it is so hard to know who raises whom. Therefore it is very easy to get hurt. Therefore it is very necessary to inform, share and raise awareness.


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