Thursday, December 31, 2015

The thing goes of compilations

Well, we are in the last day of the year. A year charged of news we tried to give you in the quickest and funniest way we could. A year enjoying the benefits of technology and warning about  their risk. An year's end we want celebrate with you as best we know: with a compilation of articles which are compilations of the hottest topics of this year, and we expect see in the next year.

We start with the compilation of State of Security, where they try to point the most important cybersecurity fronts in 2016. Some fronts like the connected cars and the increasing of attacks to web services. The inclusion of the risk as quantifiable value for companies has started and in the next months it acquires a bigger ripening. It's important because the billion dollars (75 for failures, 400 for information lost) it cost the security problems of this year.

In WeLiveSecurity have put all the important cases of security fails of 2015. We have all kind of cases, from the classic Adobe Flash exploits, passing by different ransomware strains, spam campaigns and important fugues as the suffered in July in the date web Ashley Madison.

And not all the failures are faults of the actions from intelligence agencies and the crime industry. TechnolologyReview report echoes of the most important technological failures of this last 365 days. From hoverboards, which seems destined to gain the important list of abandoned object in the storeroom, passing by the tense situation lived in Yahoo and the tries, still without results, of transhumanism.

And we finish with SecurityAtWork and his peculiar compilation of actions related in some way with cybersecurity. For all the audiences and tastes :).

Happy holidays, careful with the candies and, especially, with the champagne, happy new year (tomorrow we take a break) and we keep reading the next year!


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