Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The security of the unnoticed

We see every day how apparently secure services fall. From antivirus systems, going through e-commerce, toys and even critical infrastructures. There's no limit to the aspirations of an intelligence agency or a cybercriminals group.

Settings by default in MongoDB

This seems to be the reason of the exposure of 13 millions of MacKeeper clients accounts , a popular antivirus, anti-adware and optimizer of OS X operative systems tool. Leaving the settings by default of their data base was the reason of this exposure. As simple as that.

Home Depot is still being a mystery

At least until next January, when the judges will obey the company to be more transparent to know the reasons behind the the most important information leakage of history. 

Distrust this toy

Or at least distrust if you're in British territory. Cameron hopes that the agents will have the right to use the connectivity of toys on crime suspects investigation cases. A very frightening type of massive control.

"Safe" architecture on the cloud

And if this isn't enough, in Incibe analyze the security of the cloud installations of critical systems. A review to some necessary factors for the correct fate of this computational paradigm in purely industrial scenarios, and susceptible, as we have seen in other cases, of being objectives of terrorist groups and enemy intelligence agencies.

Four topics of the present which are focused in the unnoticed. Any element of the chain would become in the access door to anybody, breaking the security of itself and exposing it to some effects which could be devastating.


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