Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The "cyber bad guys" don't respect neither the kids

The data robbery in the company VTech increasingly as days go by. Today we know not only 200.000 were affected but more than 6 millions and in the stolen data there were photos. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Google have another open front related with kids: The first charge against the second of monitoring the people who use their learning platform. And after all these mess, we'll finish with a new hope: the Let's Encrypt project, which starts to work tomorrow.

Media around the world, not only dedicated to Internet, talking outraged these days about the data robbery to kids and their parents, clients of the Hong Kong company VTech. Meanwhile, the causes of these indignation are increasing: yesterday we known the affected weren't thousand, but 6,4 millions of kids and 4,8 millions of fathers, being the most affected countries Unite States, France, Great Britain and Germany. This data was given yesterday by the company, after too many "administrative silences", seeing they can't manage this.

Photos and birth dates

The scandal isn't only for the pile of fathers and sons affected, but also the kind of the stolen information, thinking in the uses which can do the cybercriminals to make all kind of infamies: From the complete names of fathers and sons and their addresses until birth dates, recordings of conversations in the chat between mothers, fathers and sons and a huge amount of photos of children. The thief would download 190 GB of photos, according to the journalist who unveil the robbery, Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai.

Children's monitoring

We keep talking about the children world because, according the complaint presented by the EFF to the Federal Trade Comission, Google would be recollecting and handling the information of kids in school age who use the apps for Chromebook and Google dedicated to education, a program suite of learning called GAFE, used in multiple schools of Unite States by kids from 7 years. Google don't use the data for personify ads, but according to the EFF  they would be monitoring their navigation and searches, without ask permission to their parents. We'll wait until Google give us their version.

Starts Let's Encrypt

And we finish with a good new: the Let's Encrypt project will enter in the public Beta phase tomorrow, which means that every who wants will can ask them a certification. Let's Encrypt is an initiative of Mozilla, Akamai, EFF, Internet Society, Cisco, IdenTrust and other companies to offer safe and free certifications, like a way to promote the secure navigation via HTTPS.

And that's was our daily sum in a day of more dizzying news about cybersecurity, reviewed here or in our Twitter account.


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