Monday, December 28, 2015

It's difficult not think badly

These times are to spend with the family, to take some gastronomic licenses and escape of the daily routine. But we don't forget the security challenges of all these system that surround us. And that's why we shouldn't leave the daily informative pill.

A pill that reports echos of the predictions in IT security for the next year, focused in the generation of complex passwords in corporate environments, with the ecommerce securization, the authentic treasure chest of the criminal industry, the proliferation of Spam as the most direct and simplest way of attack and looking at the connected cars.

Meanwhile in China is approved a new National Security Law, which means a bigger control (some voices call it censorship) of the incoming and outgoing digital information of the country, with less permissions to the visitors (including press), and with the spending increase in massive monitoring tools. Movements that attacks against human rights, to the detriment of their citizens.

This kind of strategies make us frown. After know that in Grub2, the popular boot manager of Linux, can avoid the password recovery pressing 28 times the bar space, now we discover in Windows 7, if you press control+9+0+2+4+backspace, an admin console opens. Error or backdoor? Suspicious...

Luckily, we can always hope in the Apple operation system right? Well, it seems no. After the last Security Update, they has founded a vulnerability in the FTS library of buffer overflow, which could produce an crashing of the system. Careful with the encryption pieces that you download from Internet, to avoid this kind of vulnerabilities.

Four direct news of the present of cybersecurity. And four news focused in the needed of think out of the box, and to be ready for the worst, comes where it comes.


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