Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Battlefield, the cyberspace

Matrix (1999) expose in a very clear way a incoming reality: the reality of the third environment, the cyberspace like a real battlefield.

A palpable war in our workaday with the gradual link between digital and physical world. We saw this recently with the discovery of a failure in the systems which manage the stay in the north American prisons, that have released 3.200 prisoners before their time in the last 13 years.

In SecurityAffairs it asked if seeing the movements of the last weeks, the Russian would be attacking Ukranian critical infrastructures. The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) think they're suffering this attack after the analysis of a new variety of malware directed precisely to the control systems of the electricity in the country.

Doesn't sound unusual more and more users are aware of the needed of securize their devices. And with a 27% of users who ensure private content in their smartphones, on of the quickest and most efficient way of securize would be encrypting the hard disk. Depending on the operating system, there's different ways to do it, and the majority are in the own interface of settings, and that's a relief to the peoplo without a technical profile.

The problem? the provider of the service has to be reliable. The encryption has to be strong, and only has we have the key. Supposedly, this isn't what Microsoft is doing in their last versions of Windows 10, allowing that these encryption keys are storing in the company cloud, being accessible to their employees.

A tense balance doesn't seems it get better in the future. In stake, the security in the digital and physical world. And the trust placed in governments and companies. Even in the systems.

What's holds the next year?


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