Thursday, December 10, 2015

Another media infects their visitors

Before were "The Economist", "Daily Mail" or "Reader's Digest". Now "The Independent" has been attacked and they served malware to their visitors. We'll talk today about DDoS attacks, the renovated investigations about who would be the Bitcoin father and about how easy is manipulate the black box of a ship.

We're living a campaign of infection on Wordpress sites, that in turn infect to their visitors. The campaign use the exploit kit Angler and the malware usually is ransomware, although it has seen bank Trojans. Some medias has fallen and now it has been "The Independent", which would have infected to visitors who use old versions of Flash.

DDoS to Janet

Another type of attack, like the web infection,  will consider Top of 2015 are the Distributed Denial of Services. Yesterday we reported in our Twitter account about a powerful and unusual attack to Internet root servers. Well, the veteran Britain web Janet, which unite the majority universities of this country, has been under a powerful attack of DDoS this week leaving these institutions without connectionss in different moments.

PGP of Satoshi

Meanwhile, this week has happened too a movement in the legendary layer of the web, when Wired and Gizmodo ensured discovered the real identity of the biggest secret of Bitcoin: his creator. Even there was a raid in his supposed home, in Australia, where the police only found an empty house. We contribute to the drama with a text that talk about the only thing left by the real creator of Bitcoin: his PGP password, and how it would have been faked.

Hackable black box

We finish with the investigation of one of the best Spanish hackers, Rubén Santamaría (reversemode), from his company IOActive. Santamaría explains in an exact way that is possible manipulate the black box of a ship and he add real examples to think, like in 2012 when two Indian fishermen were killed by Italian soldiers who thought they were pirates and began a diplomatic conflict. "Mysteriously", the data collected by the black box during the hours of the incident was "corrupted" and it can't used in the investigations.

We give you today a lot of "food for thought". We hope you enjoy it.


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