Thursday, December 24, 2015

A computer error frees thousand prisoners before time

3.200 Washington prisoners would have been released before time because a computer error, announced by the governor's office of this state. We'll talk about this, and a new data bank theft in hotels, the union of Google and Yahoo! in a trial to eliminate the passwords and a very geek gift recommendation: a device to spy mobile phones. Let's start.

The problems in the informatic systems of incarceration facilities and it started when, by order of the Supreme Cort, the prisoners started to recieve credits of good behaviour. The change in the code caused the entering of a wrong sequences, which started to give more credits than they should to some prisoners, allowing them to be released with an average of 49 days earlier. In all, the 3% of all the releases from 2002. What we think is more serious is the error which was discovered in 2012, but it wasn't fixed until a new CIO entered in the department and notice it.

Hyatt hotels

Another serious incident with little information has been the theft of bank data clients of Hyatt hotels. Along this year we have known similar theft by malware in the credit card payment systems in the luxury Hilton, Starwood, Mandarin Oriental, White Lodging and Trump Collection hotels. The Hyatt corporation haven't given much details, but they are warning to their clients to control suspects charges in their bank accounts.

Google without passwords

Meanwhile, the big actors of the network work in securing their services and setting trends to make the network more safe globally. One of the more interesting initiatives of the year has been the search of alternatives to passwords, one of the main security holes on Internet. Today we know Google is working to eliminate them, as Yahoo! made a few months ago. Its idea would be to use an email account to log in and a phone notification would be sent to confirm that we are us. We'll see.

A device to spy them all

And with the arrival of Santa Claus, we finish today recommending a gift for the geeks of the house: InterApp, a gadget to spy all kind of smartphones without being detected and without having technical knowledge. It is manufactured by the Israeli company Rayzone Gruop, who ensures the device can steal email accounts, passwords, photos, the IEMI and the MAC address of the phone, the contact list, browsing history... Really frightening, right?

Well, wrap up and Merry Christmas!


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