Thursday, November 5, 2015

You’ll have to change your smartphone if you get this virus

We assist day by day, amazed, to harder challenges in cheating, stealing, harassment and demolition techniques against mobile telephony. Today is a kind of adware for Android which, according to their discoverers, is virtually impossible to uninstall. This means that the only possibility of get rid of it is changing our smartphone. We'll also talk about two studies which aim to prove the privacy of Android and iOS, on the one hand, and of the biggest technology companies, on the other hand. We advance that nobody achieves more than a 6,5. We'll finish with a lucrative business: the sale in the black market of certifications to sign virus. 

Researchers from the company Lookout have discovered this adware in more than 20.000 fake apps which simulate to be popular apps like Twitter, Facebook or even the double factor authentication service, Okta. The trojan is installed like a system application, acquiring this way administrator privileges to install whatever it wants. According to the researchers, it’s impossible to erase a system application, so the only solution for anyone infected is changing the phone.

Gossip apps

With the virus, the other big problem of the mobile telephony are the aggressions to the users privacy. A team of researchers wanted to check it with light and stenographers, so they analyzed the behaviour of the 110 most famous apps. Android apps send to third parties our email (73%), user name (49%) and GPS location (33%). iOS apps are dangerous too: GPS (47%), user name (18%) and email (16%). According to the experts, a defense before this invasion for the users is giving fake data.

Google passes in privacy

We still have to talk about the privacy always slippery ground because a North American think tank has analyzed the respect of privacy and freedom of expression of the users from the biggest telecom companies over the world, only passed, narrowly, by Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Vodafone and Yahoo, being Google the company with the highest rank: 65%. AT&T, Kakao, Orange and Facebook don’t pass the text and becomes the worst. Bad news because in a world where the confidence of your customers is one of the most important things.


We finish with the discover, according to InfoArmor, of a platform of malware sign: GovRAT, which puts over the table the more than lucrative business in the black market of certifications to sign virus. Just a detail: while the numbers of a credit card don't cost in the underground more than a handful of euros, the certifications to sign virus are quoting between 600 and 900 dollars.

Now it's clear what is more difficult to reach. Have a good Thursday, dear readers.


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