Friday, November 27, 2015

Windows Phone has fallen finally

It seemed impossible because Microsoft and Nokia had ensured for the difficulty of someone could  break the guards of the Windows Lumia smartphones , but finally a hacker called HeatCliff made it. We advise today also of a new malware campaign in websites that affects to the popular "Reader´s Digest", we explain how a criminal is blackmailing a bank of Arab Emirates and we are going to finish with a text for thinking... all the weekend

HeathCliff didn´t break only the guards of the Windows smartphones, he has also created a free tool called "Window Phone Internals" to let users of this device to unlock it automatically and even create personalized ROMs. The tool works in every versions of Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile, which makes it really interesting.

The Reader´s Digest is infected

Anyway, we have to think it two times before unlocking any phone, because this makes it more vulnerable for viruses and malicious programs. Today, like every day, we have news about the eternal war against malware: a new campaign of infection in Wordpress sites, among them, the web of veteran "Reader´s Digest". According to Malwarebytes, the media was advised they were infecting his users and didn´t reply, so they have started to make the information public, in the hope of the media will rectify.

Blackmail to a bank

While, in Arab Emirates, the bank of Sharjah has a serious problem: a cybercriminal entered in its systems and he is blackmailing the bank. He wants 3 million dollars in exchange for not making confidential data of its customers public and, for showing his seriousness, since 18 November and each few hours he is publishing day to day in the social networks the account numbers of the VIP customers, among them members of the government and of important companies.

How will be the Internet in 2022?

And we finish the Friday and the week with a excellent text for critical reflection, located in 2022.
It describes an absolutely safe Internet, transparent and monitored, thanks to the center of interaction social LightID connected to System of Digital Tranquility, of obligatory use and developed like a subset of the old Internet. A subset embracing the totally of the systems, applications and services that the citizen needs day to day". Visionary.

We recommend to our readers which are this weekend in Madrid to take a walk along the CyberCamp, with free entry. It's worth. Also it's worth the interview that we will publish on Sunday. with the vice-president of ISACA, Antonio Ramos


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