Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The biggest finantial hack of the history revealed

Yesterday the Justice Department of the Unite States told the world an amazing story: how three men, two of them arrested this July, planned the biggest financial hack of History, in which they won more than 100 million dollars. Today is a trending topic of the digital media and we try to resume it to our readers. Also we talk about the sale of nuclear plants 0days, about pentesting with drones and a revealing interview with the ex-director of the Spanish National Intelligence 
Center (CNI).

They are allegedly the responsable of the biggest data robbery to a bank, JPMorgan in 2014, where they obtained personal information about 83 million of people. They assaulted too other banks and financial centers, among them E*Trade and Scottrade. They used the stolen information to artificially manipulate the price of the shares of the stock market and laundered money with the help of online casinos and a web of Bitcoins exchange. One of them, Joshua Samuel Aaron, 31 years old, is still still being sought.

Nuclear 0days
It’s a relief knowing now the reason of the great robbery to JPMorgan, considering that the stolen information had not spread in the black market and we ignored the motivation of the hackers, to whom came to suspect they were Russians. Talking about Russians, a person of these country has been talking with a Forbes journalist, to show him his large collection of 0days referred to critical infrastructures, among them nuclear plants. The Russian sales it in the black market and for 8.100 dollars offers a flat rate service: can use his 0days during a year. The truth is it’s really scary.

The CNI ex director says that we should encrypt
We don’t leave this sensation and we can feel even worse reading an interesting interview to Jorge Dezcallar, ex director of the Spanish National Intelligence Center. Dezcallar advises: “Before industrial spy, the Spanish people aren’t yet aware of the enormous vulnerability of everything we talk about by phone or email. It’s really easy to wiretap a line or putting a Trojan virus in a computer to get out all the information stored in it. What we have to do is to encrypt the messages, use ciphered communications and… don’t speak”.

Pentesting with drones
We finish with a curiosity, or not so curiosity, in any case we attract our attention to CROZONO, a free code platform created to make the most common tasks of pentesting tests from the air, using drones or robots. Basically, it try attacks against the local wifi networks.

It is clear that Science moves forward by leaps and bounds. We wish our readers will have a good Wednesday.


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