Monday, November 9, 2015

Even more dangerous: now ransomware infects websites

Ransomware is a good business for computer crime, so much that it evolves into new and sophisticated ways. One of the most dangerous opens Linux.Encoder.1, a ransomware able to attack web servers with Linux operating system. There is a lot of business that may become victims of this new virus... better not to guess it. Today we will talk mainly of attacks: DDoS against ProtonMail goes on, as well as CiberCalifato resurges and some kids called Crackas With Attitude play Billy the Kid with the CIA and the FBI.

New ramsomware, discovered by Russian security firm Dr. Web, raided webpage of a designer using ecommerce platform Magento without patches. Last April, this flaw was announced, and that's what virus took advantage of to get into the server. It encrypted the whole home, backup directories and folders linked to web server, with files, images, libraries and scripts. By the moment, no antivirus is able to detect this ramsomware.
ProtonMail, again suffering DDoS

Designer attacked by ramsomware paid the ransom demanded by criminals, one practise that infosec experts don't recommend to. When, finally, designer got his site decrypted, most part of the info was corrupted. He's not the only one paying a ransom these days, as well as ProtonMail project makers did too, after suffering a huge DDoS attack up to 100 Gbps last week. It was not worthy to spend those $6.000: today they've announced via Twitter that they're again under fire.

CiberCalifato is back

Attack chronicle goes on and on, since after some time of silence, and its leader being killed by a dron, CiberCalifato is back attacking 54K Twitter account, most of them owned by Saudi Arabian citizens. Their private information, such as phone numbers and passwords, were made public yesterday. Among the victims, you may find high officials from CIA, FBI and NSA.

Bawdy antics

They're not alone attacking US intelligence agencies. Last days we are watching some amazing feats from a teen band called Crackas With Attitude. They started hacking CIA Director's AOL account, they swank about it on media, then they hacked e-mail account of FBI boss's wife, and now they say they have accessed FBI databases and secret tools, as well as arrested and prisoners registers. There, they would be able to access data from Anonymous hacktivist Jeremy Hammond, and steal and post on Pastebin and Cryptobin personal information of hundreds of agents and military.

Crackas With Attitude remember us, hugely, Billy the Kid and that Wild West, what is precisely Internet nowadays.


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