Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Epic Fails: Dell, Wired and the Greek Prime Minister

Today, it looks like we are on Epic Fail National Day: to start, the discovery of Dell computers bought since august 2015 have a serial certificate the company didn´t notified about and could be dangerous to user´s safe browsing. To continue with the mistakes, some days ago the “Wired” magazine showed as the ISIS manual in Internet what it´s really is harmless manual for journalists. Later, we have the Greek Minister doing official pictures with a post-it on his side with a written password. At last, a guy is crying in Twitter, repentant because he helped to kill to the CyberCaliphate leader. 

Dell´s response has been impeccable, or almost: as soon as the notice in Reddit was known, Dell has launched a note explaining the certificate preinstalled in their computers, with the private password included, served to give more information to their online technical service. Dell offers a tool for uninstall it and also manual instructions. But what they don´t tell is that two weeks ago some researchers contacted to the company to notify the failure and they didn´t mind. They don´t tell either that this certificate could be used to steal personal data or to make users visit webs thinking they are secured.

The Isis manual was for journalists

Other serious mistake has been committed by “Wired” magazine which has not retracted yet: some days ago the magazine submitted with so much hype a manual ensuring it was the ISIS online manual. Cyberkov company has just issued a  press release where they ensure this story, wich was around the World, was false, because the document was really created by Cyberkov to help journalists and activists, especially to those who work in war zones, to protect their integrity and their data sources. The most serious issue is the text arrived to “Wired” through the West Point Military Academy Counter terrorism Center.  Mistake or manipulation?

The minister Post-it

And we continue with the epic failures. This is for laughing for not crying: The Greek interior Minister, posed for a official photo in his office. At the moment nothing is strange except if we look at the photo, there is a Post-it with an user and password noted which allowed to elucidate the password: 123456. Fortunately, someone noticed it and the picture is carefully cut on the official site, to remove the wrong post-it.

Who killed Hussain

To close, we have someone who affirms having committed a mistake and that he fells sad about it, although we are not sure that everyone is feeling so sad like him. We refer to a supposed Anonymous guy,5hm00p, who has started to insult FBI from his Twitter account and affirms someone obligated him to help to kill the famous Juanid Hussain, leader of CyberCaliphate, who was killed with a dron the last summer.

Epic fails everywhere, today we had dedicated them the day hoping they are are far away from our job and also from our readers, whom we wish a good Tuesday.


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