Thursday, November 12, 2015

Amazon sells tablets with virus

It Isn’t the first time that smartphones, tablets or even computers go on sale with pre-installed malware. Especially if are made in China. What is unusual is that this devices are sold in trustfully shops like Amazon. We talk about that, in a day with really big news: It has been discovered that the company responsible of the telephone service of the USA penitentiaries had  recorded conversations between prisoners and lawyers ,also that the FBI paid to a respected university to hack Tor and finally that the calls made using the new Samsungs can be intercepted… without being the operator or the police. 

According to a report by Cheetah Mobile, more than 30 Chinese Android tablets brands sold nowadays in Amazon and other online stores would have preinstalled the Cloudsota malware, a dangerous Trojan which can install adware, steal data or kidnap the results of a search. Cheetah Mobile provide a list of brands infected, which would be in the stores since months and more than 17.000 units were sold  in 150 countries, especially in Mexico, Unite States and Turkey. The most painful thing is, despite of been advised, the online stores, Amazon included, didn’t retire the tablets. The infected users are who warn the people of the problem in the comments of these products.

Mobile Pwn20wn

And talking about the mobile world, two researchers have demonstrate, in the Mobile Pwn20wn competition of Tokio, a serious vulnerability in the new Samsung S6, S6 Edge and Note 4: the calls made from these devices can be intercepted using malicious base stations. Although we haven’t got many details of the attack, Samsung is already informed, the little we know proves is that an ingenious hack that make to his researchers  the winners of the prize.

Prisoners callings recorded

The company Securus Technologies doesn’t need any hack to record 70 million of prisoners callings of 37 states of USA, 17.000 of them are conversations between the prisoners and their lawyers, confidential and whose recording is illegal. Securus provides the telephony system to prisoners and a hacker got access to these recordings thanks to a vulnerability in their files.

Tor under attack

We finish with another great topic, which deserves to be our cover today too: the documents revealed during the judgement to the heads of the black market Silk Road prove that the FBI paid a million dollars to researchers of the Carnegie Mellon University in exchange of unveil the identities of the Tor users, through a vulnerability, unknown at this moment, and patched today. A story worthy of a crime novel.

This is the resume of the big news concentrated in this humble Thursday.


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