Friday, October 30, 2015

Virus, virus everywhere!

If yesterday the news were all about stolen data, making a monographic, today we're launched to the other great menace in the network, the bugs. Ransomware, spyware, botnets... are some of the bigger dangers lurking us in this dark and entangled forest that's Internet sometimes, with a thousand faces, which can show us a joke we laugh with as never before, or frighten us because our closest data have been shown to everybody, or even worse, giving us reasons for panic because a virus has ciphered all our files.  

If we had to set an image to the bugs it will may be the squids with horrible tentacles which attack Morfeo's ship, stick to it. Spyware would be something similar, stick to our computers and phones to suck all our information. Precisely, the European police is conducting a campaign, started by the German justice, to stop the criminals behind the spyware for AndroidDroidjack. For the moment, 4 people have been arrested in France, suspicious of having bought this spyware in the black market.

CryptoWall, the fearsome

Another operation that's constantly going on is the fight against ransomware, the worst kind of virus we can face nowadays. The Cyber Threat Alliance has published a report about the most harmful, because of its strong encryption: CryptoWall 3. Who is managing it would be an elite IT criminal team, who have earned till now 325 millions of dollars extorting tens of thousands victims around the world, mostly in the United States. CryptoWall is being distributed through e-mail with malicious attachments and through "exploit kits" which lurk their victims in web ads and similar.

The Kaspersky list 

By the way today we're glad to announce good news to the ransomware victims: the company Kaspersky has upgraded its passwords repository to decode ransomware with 14.000 new passwords, which belong to the virus CoinVault and Bitcryptor. This way, who becomes infected with some of this ransomware only has to access the Kaspersky list and try the passwords there, which will allow them to decode their computer.

Infecting MySQL

But we're not only threatened by virus for mobile phones or ransomware in this Internet more and more similar to Halloween. Unfortunately, the bugs menu is much larger and there are virus for every taste. Just yesterday we knew about anoher one, Chikdos, which does not directly attack people, but whose consequences can affect us in our daily cybernetic tasks: Chikdos infects MySQL servers and kidnap them, to make service denegation attacks, what means bombings, with them.

Certainly a scenario to tiptoe. Who's interested in knowing more about ransomware we recommend a nice study, direct and easy to understand, published in SecurityArtWork and whose location will be available tonight in our Twitter account. 


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