Friday, October 23, 2015

The Sony hack will cost 8 million in compensations for their employees

The companies which read us should apply the saying “When a boat sinks, the rats are said to be leaving” before the opening new of our daily security computer summary: after the horrible hack suffered by Sony in 2014, now the company has to pay 8 million dollars to their employees, because of the robbery of their personal data. We'll talk today about another important data filtration, suffered by the TalkTalk ISP, about how the sewers of the states take revenge against the researchers who discover their virus and a new adventure of Asterix, very contemporary.

Sony suffered in 2014 a terrible hack, possibly planned by the North Korean government, which involved one of the most ominous data filtration in the history of IT security. The employees of the company denounced it for the filtration of their personal data and now they have concluded the payment of 10.000 dollars to each employee whose identity was stolen, as well as 1.000 $ per person to refund the protection measures taken after the attack. Plus the costs of the demand. 8 million dollars in total.

A lot of TalkTalk and a little security

Another company which would be in trouble is the Britain ISP TalkTalk, which has just announced the robbery of its database, with critical information of 4 millions of customers: names, adresses, birth dates, phone numbers, emails, numbers of bank accounts and credit cards. The company has admitted that part of the data wasn't encrypted. The researchers who have investigated it, by curiosity, are stunned: neither the company web or the form to join service used encryption.

Harassment to researchers

Talking about researchers, one of them, Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade, from Kaspersky Labs, has denounced the pressures suffered by the people who have discovered computer attacks planned by intelligence agencies. Deported and bulled academics, blackmails to researchers, companies with their contracts canceled, these are some of many vengeances by the governments against the people who discover their goings-on. The researcher has written an interesting study about the topic, especially recommended for whom is thinking to dedicate to this risky activity.

Astérix in Wikileaks

And we finish with a little amusement, because we are on Friday: a new adventure of Asterix and Obelix newcomer on the book stores. It takes as an inspiration whatever has happened around Wikileaks and Julian Assange. The new comic is called “The Caesar Papyrus” and doubts about Caesar's veracity in the book “The Gallic Wars”, something that must be proven with the discovery of the papyrus.

We don’t know about our readers, but we are going right now to buy it. :)


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