Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The guy who hacked the CIA director is 20

Yesterday news were confusing: nobody believed that a 20 years old boy and his friends would have entered the email of John Brennan, the CIA director. Today, with the provided documentation and after talking with the media, everybody believes it. We'll also talk about an attack which is committing hundreds of online stores, the plague of fake opinions about products in Internet and the withdrawal of almost 300 apps from iOS which collected private information.

The boy who says he has hacked the CIA boss didn’t give his name but he gave his twitter account @phphax where he sympathizes with Anonymous and the Palestin cause. He and two friends discovered that Brennan has his number phone in Verizon so they called Verizon to, through social engineering, get his personal information: ID, PIN, second phone number, AOL e-mail address and the last 4 numbers of his bank account. With this information they entered in the AOL account, change his password and steal sensible information they published on Twitter.

Infected stores

Others who are saying WOW!, besides the CIA director, are the owners of thousands of online stores which use the Magento e-commerce platform of eBay. Attackers would be making the most of an unknown vulnerability in this software to assault the stores and infect the visitors with the exploit Neutrino, which installs ransomware and malware to the victims. Google has detected 8.200 infected sites and the number is growing day by day. Among the potential victims, the users of vulnerable versions of Adobe Flash.

False opinions

We continue with something which really makes us nervous and that's the people dedicated, as a job, to write fake opinions of products in Internet giving 5 stars to products which don’t deserve it. Amazon has announced they have just put a demand against more than 1.110 people who would make these practices in their store, where are expressly banned. Amazon is decided to report all the particulars who offer themselves to write fake opinions for 5 dollars each one.

Evil apps keep coming to App Store

Our last news have a happy ending: researchers have discovered 256 iOS apps which violate the privacy laws of Apple because they collect personal data: emails, installed apps, serial numbers and others. These apps are being used by approximately one million people who trusted in the App Store security. Within few hours of the new, Apple explained that they proceed from a Chinese provider of mobile advertising and that now these apps are out of the store. Isn’t the first time and won’t be the last that dangerous apps are running in the App Store, but at least Apple has reacted very quickly.

In this world, where we know that the absolute security and privacy don't exist, we must give importance to other factors, like the response speed, the authenticity in relation to the own philosophy and others.


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