Monday, October 19, 2015

The cyber war brings us to…prehistory?

The best defense in IT security is to not use the computing. Although it sounds paradoxical and in fact it is. As well, the best way to prepare for an IT attack is being sure that, if we don't have computing, we would keep working. This is what the Marines from USA have thought and we'll explain why. We'll also talk about how to protect ourselves against the NSA, a kosovan who passed military data to the ISIS and the more frequent causes of  errors in IT.

The US army teaches again their students how to use the sextant, ten years after giving up this studies on behalf of GPS. The reason is the prevention against possible attacks which could leave a ship without network access or receiving fake information about their geographic position. Being more and more possible these scenarios, the marines have decided that's good to recover the old knowledge, because a sextant can’t be hacked. Something tells us that other sectors will follow their steps and, if not, ask to the hackers when they’re in the hackers conventions, where they don’t use computers or smartphones to avoid hacking. Return to the cavern is the best defense against a cyber attack?

How to defend ourselves from the NSA

In the Electronic Frontier Foundation consider that knowledge is also a good way of defense and that’s why they have published a text where is explained how to improve our encryption. The past week returned an old summer topic: the real possibility of the NSA and other actors breaking the encryption which protects our communications. The EFF publishes how to avoid it, configuring correctly our browsers, operative systems, SSH and private virtual networks.

Militaries data theft

We continue with a case of database robbery which has become an state affair in USA. According to the Justice Department, the kosovan Ardit Ferizi, leader of the Kosova Hacker’s Security group, stole a database from a store in the United States with names, emails and addresses, passwords and phone numbers of 1.351 militaries and government functionaries and he gave it to a member of the Islamic State, who was shot by a dron in August. A movie story and the first time that US asks for the extradition of somebody for something like this.

Why the software fails?

We finish with another story, this one to read calmly, because it comes from a such respected site like the IEEE Spectrum: different researchers have collected and analyzed the main software failures suffered in the last decade to extract from them guidelines and lessons. Among others, we can read: “Trying to replace multiple systems with only one could have no effect” or: “The dead bodies of many IT projects are buried under lots of money". At the moment only 2 lessons are available, but soon we’ll have more.

And this was our daily summary. We hope it has provided good information to you and some enjoyment, especially in a tough day like Monday. 


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