Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The biggest purchase in the technological history

The computer manufacturer Dell announced yesterday the biggest purchase in the history of technology, acquiring EMC by 59.000 millions of euros. EMC owns, among others, the veteran company RSA Security. What will be its future? That's the question today for many analysts. We'll also talk about the complicated implantation of the chip cards in the USA, the data robbery from the Wall Street Journal subscribers and how the police can assault your iPhone without using backdoors.

EMC is a company of storage system and data management. It owns, among others, VMware (virtualization and cloud), Mozy (backups) and RSA (security). Having Dell its own security company, SecureWorks, acquired in 2011, the question is if EMC will separate RSA or will integrate it with SecureWorks, creating a strong division of IT corporate security.

The FBI messes up

We're still in the USA because all the news come from there. Like the hard introduction of the chip in the credit cards, in order to provide more security and finish with the millionaire data robberies in Selling Points. But the FBI doesn’t seem to think the same and has published an alert in their web about the failures in the chip cards. In less than 24 hours they had to retire the warning due to the banks complaints, enough overwhelmed because they want the sign and the PIN of their customers, whereas the stores don’t follow their advices, only asking for the PIN.

Subscribing to a newspaper for this 

Another overwhelmed company is the journal of the banks par excellence, The Wall Street Journal, but this haven’t got any relationship with chips or pins: they've just discovered the data robbery of at least 3.500 subscribers: names, addresses, e-mails, phone numbers and credit card numbers. To make it worse, the thieves were walking around their systems, unpunished during three years, since August 2012 until July 2015.

5 ways of owning an iPhone

We finish with the USA government, which is sending clear messages against the intervention in the encryption, the great discussion topic of the summer. One of the battle horses by the force laws to ask for backdoors was that the encryption of the iPhones had blocked different researchs. So well, “Wired” offers us an article with alternative attacks to assault an iPhone without backdoors.

Welcome everybody to a new week, full of interesting information about the great topics of the computer security.


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