Monday, October 5, 2015

#NNC5ed: We were at the congress of the year and we tell you everything

Pure hacker culture, Community, Humour, attitude, cyber security, Fraternity. All these tags could complement the official one, #NNC5ed, which coordinates two of the more important Spanish hacker conventions: Navaja Negra and ConectaCon. The ceremony was celebrated during a long weekend, from the past Thursday until Saturday, and more than 600 people went to have a great time. By the way: the hacker community increases also in gender, we have a 5% of women, more or less.

Van Hauser, giving hints to the hackers
One of the more crowded conferences was José Selvi's: “Delorean, back in time to steal information”. José Selvi, who was interviewed here recently, explained how manipulating the hour synchronization of the computers, a hacker could make them travel to the past to make HTTPS connections unsecure or recover expired certificates, opening a lot of opportunities to attack, which increases day by day since his first conference in the BlackHat. 


If Selvi’s conference was one of the most crowded, the most expected conference was, without any doubt, the one by the founder of the Dutch veteran group The Hackers Choice: Marc Van Hauser, expert in IPv6 and author of the thc-ipv6 suite to attack this protocol. Van Hauser, an usual discoverer of IPv6 failures, showed his last discover: a 0day, which will patched up in a few days, able to take down Windows and OSX with a single order, like blowing up a candle.


The great conference which practically closed the congress was by Jose Luis Verdeguer (Pepelux), about Voz IP. Pepelux explained how to securize a VoIP switchboard and offered the results of a research started from assembling aHoneyPot of VoIP. The most surprising thing is that, in a few days, received hundreds of thousands of scans, being the most of them attempts of callings from USA, Germany, France and United Kingdom. According to Pepelux, the subterfuge in VoIP assaults misconfigured switchboards to call premium numbers hired by the criminals. 

Antivirus for Android

Finally, we dedicate our attention to the conventions that we couldn’t see in the Navaja Negra-ConectaCon. This is the only convention in Spain whose conferences are decided by the attendants votes, which can make that the conference of the most popular wins, while others equally interesting could remain outside the convention. It would be the case of Koodous, a free Android antivirus, without ads and full confidence, because it's based in the reputable service VirusTotal. Maybe the next year we'll see how it progresses.

This has been a quick coverage of the #nnc5ed, still with the warm of the community in our skin and the heart full of all the people who saw there.


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