Thursday, September 17, 2015

The new super safe, super free and super private laptop is here

It's called Librem 13 and just overcame the barrier of $ 250,000 requested by the company Purism in its crowdfunding campaign to produce it. It is advertised as "a laptop, chip to chip built to respect and protect your privacy, security and freedom." It sounds interesting, right? We will discuss as well as a series vulnerability in iPhone, a banking agreement to promote bitcoin in high finance and what seems to be the end of the tunnel of the debate concerning encryption in the United States. We start.

It is without doubt the new gadget being watched closely by the security experts from around the world: Librem laptops carry their own free operating system preinstalled, PureOS, configured to be as secure as possible, as well as hardware, among other interesting functionality it allows to disconnect not only the camera but also the microphone. These are details that really make these laptops super interesting. We will keep an eye on its evolution.

Careful with AirDrop

Those who are not confident at all, and less and less with time, are mobile phones. No matter the brand or operating system. If yesterday we got on our nerves with another super vulnerability in Android, which allows you to unlock the screen by simply typing a long password, today is iOS and IOX who gives us the creeps with another major leak: the AirDrop application might allow someone to enter a file, for example a virus in our device. Today IOS 9 is launched, which mitigates this vulnerability, but not completely solve the present one.

Banks that love Bitcoin

Luckily, not everyone is as unconscious as the mobile phone industry, which is making us spend very bad times. On the other hand we have initiatives such as the one from nine global financial institutions carefully contemplating the Bitcoin universe. These are JP Morgan, State Street, UBS, Royal Bank of Scotland, Credit Suisse, BBVA and Commonwealth Bank of Australia who have joined forces to create a startup to investigate how to introduce blockchain technology, which Bitcon is based on in financial markets.

Encryption war

We end up in the US, where it has been leaked a memorandum from National Security Council positioning themselves on a dispute which faced the forces of law and large technology industry for months, over the issue of encryption. While the former wants a weak encryption, the second call to ensure the quality of their products. The NSC seems positioned against the back doors, but in a so diplomatic way that nothing is granted. We recommend reading this article to get a fair idea about the latest developments concerning encryption.

And we will continue to recommend to our readers to protect their privacy, always finding the right and harmonious balance regarding the fight against all types of crime.


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