Friday, September 4, 2015

Termite in group, human on its own

Termites are extraordinary animals. They work as a group, as one organism, supported by collective intelligence that makes them a real threat to our constructions. It does not appear strange that Karpersky has chosen to call “Blue Termite” one of the first exclusive attacks known to Japanese systems. The news comes in hand with others such as the check-list that police has revealed hours ago to make easier the securing of our children computer environment, usual problems that any organization faces, and all of them that will arrive with the development of IoT.

Blue Termite

The leak suffered from the enterprise Hacking Team weeks ago is back on the news. Thank to it, we have discovered that, at least, during the past two years, some Japanese companies have been aimed by an APT called Blue Termite, which benefits from a 0-day in Adobe Flash Player, and whose authorship is kept unknown (despite the thought of China as part of it).

Protecting youngsters while back to school 

Termites help each other, fulfilling an individual weakness in the members of the group and strengthening the group. Police has offered hours ago commandments to help parents secure their children’s devices, in an easy way, and to focus the effort in raising them conveniently regarding the future presence of technologies in class.

Some suitable tips are how to check the user’s profiles, pictures and videos taken with a pone and saying no to unknown people.

Not old-fashioned cyberthreats.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre published this week a document about the situation in matter of enterprises computer security with HQs in their country, with few tips concerning responses to attacks in order to minimize consequences.

In it, they include classics such as crime as a service, highly modular, that works basically in any place of the world, or the peak of spear phishing as the most efficient method to enter enterprises server. It also proves to be lies some of the most common myths of the sector, such as the one that confirms that our information is not important enough to suffer an attack.

IoT at the industry’s bulls eye

Internet of Things is now a reality. If something is clear at the IFA, which is currently taking place in Germany, is the increasing presence of this new series of technological devices, devices that as John Mcaffee, ex-director and creator of the antivirus firm which includes his surname, warns, will show a truly technological revolution, which we are not prepared for.

Antivirus are not functional anymore (according to his words), due to the environment in which we move, what should concern us less are the viruses which appear in the systems, excluding that the attacks during following years wont aim computers.

They are all consequences of the fierce technological race that our society is suffering. A society, that different from termites, is incapable of rowing in the same direction, and overcoming obstacles with muscle when needed.

We are many, but we are still fragile due to the fact that as a last resort we work individually.


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