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Infosec experts and charming quotes

22 interviews on one of the 'top' disciplines that will drive us to the XXII century, undoubtedly: information security. On our we have talked with some of the most relevant Spanish experts (and some foreign) in this field, and there has been room for all subjects: pentesting, forums and conferences, our annual summer course and even authors of books like 'Cybercrime'. And many more in the future.

As soon as september-new-course is beginning, it's time to review what our respondents have answered to a question that has been done to almost all: tell us a header quote, and please not used for a password (ironic). We have compiled their answers, and in the case of the experts who were not asked just this question, we have allowed ourselves the license to rescue some words from his interviews. We serve them now all together, in chronological order, since that almost distant May 3rd when we started this interviews. Please click "Read More" ;-)

Ángel Pablo Avilés, AKA 'Angelucho'. 

Anyone who have read my blog or have heard me knows it: "On the Internet, we are our most vulnerable, but also our best antivirus".

Chema Alonso, El lado del Mal. 

I follow many dogmas. Discipline is part of my essence. But if I must choose one of so many, I would select: "On the Internet there are wolves and lambs. If you're not a wolf, you happen to be a lamb."

Marcelo Rivero, founder of InfoSpyware and ForoSpyware

"Social engineering is the hardest 0-Day."

Manuel Medina, organizer of Symposium on Electronic Crime Research and co-author of book "Cibercrimen"

I am not guided by any particular sentence. I am happy making happy those who are on my side, learning from them, and helping the needy ones (for tech support).

Alejandro Ramos, IT Security Manager at ING DIRECT España. 

This concept: but as to what constitutes research in general, I keep in mind the final sentence: "Keep pushing!".

Bernardo Quintero, founder of VirusTotal

Oops, it's a bad day for that, today it is not a 'Paulo Coelho 2.0' day for me.

Pablo González Pérez, cyber security divulger and co-founder of Flu-Project

This one accompanies me for many years: "The limit is your imagination". It is important to me, to remind me that with hard work, perseverance and imagination, you have no limits. Besides, I have special memory for a sentence at the begining of the Metasploit for Pentesters book: "Hope we never lack the desire to dream". Hacking world is a field where people can dream, and achieving those dreams is wonderful.

Fermín J. Serna, Information Security Engineer at Google

"Work hard, be humble, be good people, right, and the reward will come by itself."

Juan Troncoso-Pastoriza. Researcher from Universidad de Vigo. Speaker in the summer course Innovation in security applied to the protection of digital identity.

Investigation in general terms could be sometimes a very disappointing task, but extremely rewarding too. The relationship between frustration and reward use to be linked to the part of the work tah becomes rutine, because to solve research problems is always necessary to look for breaking and clever solutions, many times different from the usual path or applying techniques from other fields. This is a little bit like a well known quote attributed to Albert Einstein, which I reproduce: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

Enrique Cabello. Director of IT and Statistic Department at URJC. Speaker in the summer course Innovation in security applied to the protection of digital identity.

I don't think so. I love reading and I try to extract something from the books I read (novels, history, outreach, economy,etc.) More than a sentence, I have a complete mosaic of situations which I select in each case, if I consider they can help me.

Shmulik Regev, Head of Security Innovation, Security Systems Division IBMSpeaker in the summer course Innovation in security applied to the protection of digital identity

With relation to working with a creative team like the innovation team, I really like the following saying which I understand as the importance of empowering people. Give as few orders as possible. Once you’ve given orders on a subject, you must always give orders on that subject. – Duke Leto Atreides, “Dune” (Frank Herbert). And I have the following line on a poster in my room: Inspiration, move me brightly. - Robert Hunter, “Terrapin Station”.

Daniel Solís, CEO and founder of Blueliv. Speaker in the Space of  Startups in the summer course on Cybersecurity Innovation applied to the protection of digital identities.

I have several, which are with me every day: "Only a mediocre is at its best," William Somerset Maugham. "If you want different results, do not do the same," Albert Einstein. "A wise man is the one who knows how to be smart enough to hire people smarter than him," JF Kennedy. "I am your father", Darth Vader (when I look at the technology we have created).

Alberto Partida, IT Security and Risk Management Analyst and speaker at the summer course Cybersecurity Innovation applied to the protection of digital identities.

Summarized in one sentence I would say that the security of the future will have to be closer to the human being and be multidisciplinary.

Gerard Vidal, cofounder and CEO of Enigmedia. Speaker in the Stratups Space at the summer course Cybersecurity Innovation applied to the protection of digital identities.

First of all, keep calm.

Sergi Álvarez, creator of the open tools for reverse engineering suite Radare.

If you tell me Anonymous, first thing in my head is 4chan, and after the intense year with LulzSec, Sony´s hack, memes, YouTube releases, Wikileaks, NSA, VISA´s block, the raise of Bitcoin, the arrival to the "mainstream"...

Miguel Ángel Arroyo, maker of Hack&Beers events.

It's a sentence I used when I first started my blog, and the reason is that during the creation of the blog, Wordpress asked me a name for the blog and a little sentence, and it is a little pun: "Are you sure you're secure?" (In Spanish, 'sure' and 'secure' are both "seguro").

Hugo Teso, security consultant specialized in aviation. 

Changing human nature? I don't believe that behind violence is the way cybersecurity is going on. Just like any theater of war, there are contenders, goals, resources and motivation

José Nicolás Castellano. President of No cON Name conference

Intuitive illuminated by forces of good is a name that my father gave me. Since then I appreciate it and is on my Twitter profile.

Organizadores del congreso de seguridad informática #NNC5ed.

Someone has to organize such events; we are only a path to that goal. It's our way to give back to community so many other things that the community has given us (think all this "papers" and information published on the internet altruistically, why did others at that time?).

Román Ramírez. The most visible face at RootedCon security conference. 

Many hackers (either computer scientists, lawyers, composers and lyricists of the Grateful Dead or police) are committed to making the world a better place, whatever their ideological orientation might be.

Rubén Santamarta. Bugs discoverer.

To enter in some pubs of Malasaña I'm reading my first book by Kafka: "The Process". There's a sentence, in a conversation among many cops and the main character that I loved: "Look, Willem, you admit you don't know the law and at the same time you say you're innocent". I think it summarizes very well what we are living nowadays.

José Selvi. The pentester

The Pentesting would be the "selling" part of the Hacking. During a lot of time we used "Ethic Hacking" as a synonymous of Pentesting, making the most of the marketing of the word "Hacker" but I never liked it, because it seems that only "Hacking" is not ethic.

Want more? Well, you can grab all of our interviews in this link.


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