Thursday, September 24, 2015

I don't care if they spy me. After all, I'm not important...

It's the first time that you hear this sentence? Maybe coming from any relative, just after reading or seeing news about leaks information in the network.

It's part of that extensive group of myths about the digital world. Myths which come with shameless abuses making the most, in fact, of this informative value disregard of our data.

From installing default spyware in devices sold all around the world, through taking advantage of tastes and preferences of the unwary users, till being excused on the lack of interest brought by our personal data. But I'm going to tell you a secret: "Our digital fingerprint has a lot of value, much more than you think". And as a sample, today's informative pill: 

Lenovo, caught again "stealing" data from costumers

Not once, not two times. This is the third time someone alerts that some devices of the brand have default spyware. Michael Horowitz is the researcher who, analyzing the behaviour of the devices with the default installation, realized about a process whose description says:

          This task sends customers' use data to Lenovo

The company declared itself ensuring that none of their devices comes with that malware nonsense called Superfish in the industry, but the doubts are in the air again.

The perfect claim: the minions

Or at least it must be what have thought in some cyber criminals groups, launching a phishing campaing which attempts to convince the user to install the new emoticons of the popular franchise Minions. It's clear that, by the way, the user subscribes to a premium SMS service so these new emojis will be very, very expensive :).

Good practices in Internet

They are two more examples of the daily abuses we have to face in the network. The security company Kaspersky has collected in one of its last studies many myths and realities which whip the users imaginary, and try to lay the foundations to shed more light over the real operation of this data cybercrime which violate our devices, our accounts and, definitely, our privacy.   

With some classics, like the use of weak passwords or maintaining the operating system and its elements not updated, and another ones highly recommended, such as being always aware (the fact of not feeling risk in an action doesn't mean that it won't be harmful for your interests) and abuse as much as you can of the critical sense, our best shield weapon.    

I don't care, I'm not important

Among all of them, this is the most classic. Why would a company want to have my data if i'm nothing more than an irrelevant user? Marta Peirano, from TEDxMadrid, surprises us with a very interesting (and funny) lecture which dismantle this idea. Seriously, it lasts 10 minutes and, for sure, there will be the best invested 10 minutes of today.

Enjoy it!


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