Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Face recognition in the mall

Imagine that, as you walk through a mall, cameras would not only record but will "know your face" that is, implementing a facial recognition program to know who you are, information, which will be added to other data and in which stores you have bought, how long have you been in the center, etc. ¿Scary? To young people, no, according to a study, which will also be discuss, as well as a vulnerability in large Internet routers, the first Let's Encrypt certificate and an interesting analysis about Hacking Team and the NSA.

ComputerWeekly exclusively presents a study from CSC, which assures that 30% of stores in the United States use easy recognition technology to monitor its customers. Stores share this information with others relating to behavior, such as how long the person was on the establishment. The owners assure that they do not know yet what to do with the data, but they keep it “hoping that they will find it useful in the future”. Let’s hope that the Big Brother has mercy on us.

Knock knock, Cisco

Although, the real danger is the vulnerability of the day: called SYNful Knock and ordinary people do not have much to scratch here, but directly affects them. It is a new attack on Cisco routers, through which passes much of the Internet traffic, from where we surfed last night to reach the emails to large companies. The attack is a modification of the firmwares image, which opens a back door. Opening this door, attackers can intercept large amounts of data passing through the router.

Let's encrypt!

And lets go from a terrible attack on to a good thing, where Cisco is also involved: yesterday we knew that the Let´s Encrypt certifying authority, the first free one, opened and automated code, has signed its first certificate. Those responsible for the initiative are important network actors, such as the mentioned Cisco, the pro-cyber-rights organization Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Mozilla Foundation. Worth checking out.

What if the NSA had attacked Hacking Team?

In order to finish we are recovering the good habit of recommending a text for reading. Its author is cybersecurity guru Bruce Schneier, who talks about the possibility that the NSA had entered Hacking Team systems long before the rest of the world. Would they have warned us about the 0days which Hacking Team had or would they kept in silence to use them for their own benefit?

Intricate paths are those of current computer security, where the military arts are mixed with social manipulation and pure hacking. 


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