Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Blackmail against Ashley Madison's customers starts

They ask him for 10 bitcoins, 2.100€, in exchange of not sending to his friends and family his personal data, including fantasies and sexual conversations, stolen from Ashley Madison. This is the first case we know after the publication in the network of millions of Ashley Madison's customers data. We'll talk about it, as well as other terrible testimony: the one by the ramsomware victims. We'll finish with a dangerous bank trojan and the awful use of Twitter by the Spanish political parties. 

The blog El Lado del Mal tells us about this blackmail to an Asley Madison user, the first that we know, although, given the nature of the information, isn´t a surprise. In the e-mail appears all the information that the criminals say they have of the blackmailed person, like the numbers of his credit card, how many he spent on Ashley Madison, his IP address… El Lado del Mal gives some useful recommendations to the victims: don't pay and don’t answer, change all your information in the social networks and remove your credit cards and e-mail address used in the “affair”.

Where can I get bitcoins?

Today we have the opportunity of knowing another creepy real testimony, in this case of a ransomware victim, CryptoWall, who ciphered all the data of his computer and requested the ransom in bitcoins. The victim, mother of a journalist, explains her experience at lengh in a radio program and ensures that the most difficult thing was achieving the bitcoins. Today, the ransomware is the worst plague for users, and we wish our readers that they never have to face this.

Bank trojan alert

Today, the ransomware has replaced any other kind of malware as the “worst menace” held during a lot of years. We're talking about the bank Trojans which, although they're not so popular anymore, they keep robbing a lot of money and evolving. We have news about the sophisticated Shifu, which after assaulting the customers of dozen of Japanese banks is now looking at Great Britain. Shifu steals the credentials and digital certificates of its victims, even the data of the smartcards connected to the infected device.

Deception on Twitter

We finish with a crazy story located in Spain: a botnet of Twitter profiles dedicated to political propaganda, unmasked by an anonymous group of researchers. The Botnet would have launched 41.000 tweets in the two summer months, dedicated to praise a newspaper, a political party and the Royal House. This isn’t the first time that happened: other political parties would have used the same botnet, property of professionals, to launch their propaganda. Is worthwhile reading the report, entering through the link on the article.

In the network, like in the postmodern world, isn’t all true and there’s a lot of traps which we don’t see because we ignore the site. We work daily in this service to help our readers to be more prepared.


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