Friday, September 11, 2015

A bad friday to relax

Who wants an Ashley Madison being able to reach the critical US infrastructures? A hack to a dating website can give you credit, but putting in check a whole system gives you power. This is how days like this arrive, in which we noticed a security leak of 10 million records of a North American medical insurance (Excellus BlueCross), from an investigation that affirms that the energy department has been hacked at least 159 times in the past 4 years, and a new cybernetic attack to the Pentagon. Bad Friday to relax thinking about the weekend.

According to NBC News, Pentagon officials have informed about a Russian “sophisticated” cyberattack, that might have endanger data from 4.000 soldiers and civilians from the Joint Chief Command. The Self- Defense Department spokesman, Lt. Col. Tom Crosson, has confirmed the incident, from which they would have recorded fraudulent payments with credit or debit cards affecting the soldiers and civilians. 

If this can be an embarrassing episode, it's nothing compared to the universities report from the company SecurityScorecard. Does the prestigious name Massachusetts Institute of Technology sounds familiar to someone, better known as MIT? For what of “prestigious" it fits great in this report, the MIT is rated last from 485 study centers investigated. And the red lantern is accompanied on the bottom of the table by also reputed names such as State University of New Mexico, the Southern California, Virginia, Temple, Boston or Georgia.

"Well, but these things in my medium business with fewer than 1,000 employees, is never going to happen," we always think this, right? Mistake! If you have Apple "fanboys" in your company tell them to check them. A Duo Labs researcher, Mike Hanley, has warned that one out of two iPhones operating in corporate networks is running an outdated version of iOS, better said, is an iPhone 4 or older; which it is as much as leaving the door open to any external attack by not patched vulnerabilities.

"Ah, I change to Android". Quiet, the cure might be worse that the disease. Because we have a new ransomware (malware that hijacks the device) in an already large family. It is being distributed by an adult app called Porn Droid (how expensive does some passions result), and it, single-handedly, is responsible for changing your SIM cards pin for a random combination. In other words, you would be without your precious smartphone.

Since we started the post with a quote for adults, we will close it with a pornographic reference, let us comment that cybersecurity is not a matter of size. No matter how big or how small you are: if you want to be part of the game, they will go after you. Do not relax.


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