Thursday, August 20, 2015

Your privacy is in your hands too

A day after the leak of thousands of accounts registered on the dates web for married people, Ashley Madison, practically it´s the heart of all conversation on the “infosec” environment. What´s on the table is not the moral issue, which is a private question, the debate focuses, one more time, on the security of our information and who are we delegating it on. Today we will also see how is it related with the digital war, we´ll notice some attacks on supermarkets using Whatsapp and we will get deep into the Rock of Gibraltar.

Among the leaked accounts on Ashley Madison case there are some clearly fake, as the one owned by alleged “Fox Mulder” from FBI, one which uses “I trust you don´t” credentials from the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States, or the supposed official account of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. But Ian Thomson from The Register assures there is data enough to take at least some of the leaked info as legitimate. The author asks himself how is it possible that some companies IT departments leaves their doors opened to a dating web, even when it has been proven that digital movement liberty for employees is good in terms of productivity. Because one thing is one thing, and another thing…

Not everything is financial motivation

We don´t leave The Register, because in this publication we find also an interesting interview with the infosec guru Bruce Schneier, where he asks about who are we preparing to fight against in addition North Korea (Norks) and China. And he gives an example which could be applied to Ashley Madison´s case: the Sony Pictures hack. The problem is that while we're getting pretty good at making financially motivated cyberattacks less profitable for the attackers, we're less well equipped to deal with politically or ideologically motivated attacks", the expert says.

Be careful with “” two bs

Many countries supermarkets, meanwhile, are being used to harm thousands of users by using fake links sent by Whatsapp. When somebody clicks on the fake URL, as (which is being used on Spain), he enters on a redirections loop which ends on a form which ask for some data. From there, nothing new under the sun: spam and premium SMS services. Nothing new, but it keeps generating as many victims as it was the first time.

Back to the II Wold War

And we end the day with a curious story from the Spanish newspaper El País, which has “gone deeper” literally on the Rock of Gibraltar, to bring us the images and the curious story of a tunnel which has been used for many military purposes. The only one tunnel which crosses the strategic British settlement from west to east contains big servers storing and processing millions of data from online games or financial services. Everything, of course, under high logical and physical security measures.

Private life belong to each of us. But if we don’t take care on what kind of info we provide, someday we could find that our private life is… open to everybody. The first security measure begins always from oneself.

Picture by Shadman Ahmed


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